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The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely versatileworking dog from the farmlands of Switzerland.

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They are a family oriented breed with a calm, sunnydisposition.

They are a large and sturdy dog breed, with afriendly and calm disposition, and they are well suitedto conformation, obedience, tracking, herding, andcarting competitions.

Who we are

We are experienced breeders who have been breedingdogs for 11 years. We live on a 30 acre farm in PeruIndiana, where we raise some of the most beautifulBernese Mountain Dogs around We love our dogs and knowyou will too. All of our pups come with a healthguarantee and full AKC registration..

We also raise adorable F1 Bernedoodle pups from our AKCregistered dams and our AKC registered standard poodle.These pups are just adorable and make great pets. Theyare good-natured, loyal, incredibly intelligent, andgenerally more hypoallergenic.

At our farm, we strive for superior genetics and wealso believe that by taking a natural approach we canachieve the best outcomes for our dogs. To do that, weavoid using a lot of chemicals, such as flea and ticktreatment, and choose natural products instead. We alsouse diatomaceous earth as a substitute for chemicalwormers when we can. We feel a diet of more than 70%eggs and real meat, and then supplement with a highquality dog food, We choose the best for our dogs!